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About Us

Creation Films began in 2004 as an independent film, television and multimedia production company. To this day, we have remained independent and have since expanded to incorporate promotional training, corporate, educational and web-related productions and design.

Our mandate is original material - ideas that feel fresh and attempt to break new ground, but more so ideas that tell a story. Our aim is to create quality entertainment that epitomises the innovation and diversity that is synonymous with our brand. We bring ideas to life.

Our Point Of Difference

We are filmmakers trained in strategy development – a rare combination indeed. We provide strategic advice to make our productions stand out. We work to the tightest budgets and deliver extraordinary results to stringent delivery requirements.

We offer the full gamut of film, television advertising and multimedia services, including viral marketing and script writing.

Our approach to producing film, television advertisements and multimedia productions is quite simple – it’s built on sound thinking and an eye on our clients’ bottom line.

Our experience

As a team, we have over 30 years experience in film and television advertising production. And we’re very proud of what we’ve achieved.

Nic Prass, Writer/Director and Executive Director of Creation Films

Nic has over 15 years experience in film & advertising, including film & TV production and strategy management. He has overseen a number of advertising campaigns for a number of international brands including Cadbury, Goodyear, Mazda, Yamaha Music and National Australia Bank and has also been responsible for writing, producing and directing short films and writing, directing and producing advertisements for television.

Nic Prass

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